Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Realize the importance of personal data protection and is committed to protecting your privacy when visiting or using the Services. or use the relevant application. The details of the policy are as follows:

Collection of personal information

To facilitate the service effectively And provide various benefits to you, the company will collect personal information as you have provided. The information collected may consist of the following types of information:

Personally Identifiable information such as first name, last name, gender, date of birth
Information for effective communication such as addresses, telephone numbers Social media accounts, email, order and payment details
Technical information to maintain and facilitate services such as IP Address Cookies Photos

Use of personal information

for the most efficient and convenient service Including giving special privileges or privileges to you, the Company will use your personal information to facilitate the services as follows:

used as information to provide services and maintain relationship with customers Contact for coordination and answer questions. about products and/or services Receiving and sending parcels related to various products
to improve the user experience of the website
Information to improve products and services various promotional items Including the development and promotion of products and / or services with quality standards to be up-to-date and better.

website visit

You can visit the website of the company. To search for detailed information on products, services and distribution channels. Without you having to provide information about yourself to the company, the company can continuously improve the website and social media such as Facebook, LINE, Instagram, Youtube. It may use software devices. To collect information on the browsing behavior of visitors. for the purpose of improving various media to reach the target audience The information collected covers the date and time of the visit. viewing different pages Time spent visiting type of query Network service providers and visits both before and after visiting the Company’s website

Security of personal information

For the benefit of confidentiality and security for your personal information, the company has set up internal regulations. To determine the right to access or use your personal information And in order to maintain the security of information that is of paramount importance, the Company will take appropriate technical and administrative measures to protect and secure the security of your personal data collected, such as taking security measures ( Secure Sockets Layer: SSL) for encrypting data over the Internet. including limiting access to your information Whether stored in the Internet or in the form of documents, only personnel who need to process it. and stored in a place with an access protection system. by limiting the right of individuals to access information

Disclosure of personal information

in the case of the company has hired service providers to process your personal information to third parties such as service providers or partners who provide services to the Company partner business Business partners, such as partners participating in the loyalty program and benefits program. and other companies related to providing services to you Banks and payment service providers such as credit or debit card companies Keep the confidentiality and security of your personal information. There is an agreement in accordance with the security and data protection policy with the relevant service provider agency not to disclose the information for other benefits. In addition to what has been stated above

Period of retention of personal information

The Company will retain your personal data only to the extent required by law or as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. It is not necessary for the stated purpose.

Right to control personal data

For the benefit of maintaining your privacy You have the right to consent to access, disclose, withdraw, withhold or transmit your personal data. Or may choose not to receive any information or media for publicity from the company and can change, modify or cancel the permission to collect information. You can express such intention to inform the company. informed through channels on the Company’s website In the event that you find that the company The use or disclosure of your information is not in accordance with your consent or is not processed in accordance with the legal right. You have the right to complain to the Personal Data Protection Committee.

Privacy Policy Changes

Your personal information will be stored and maintained with strict security. and strictly in accordance with the law It will not be disclosed for any other benefit. In addition to those stated above If you wish to change the information, you can send your request at

558 Ratchadapisek Soi 7, Nathong Soi 7 Ratchadapisek Rd. Dindaeng Bangkok, 10400

This Privacy Policy Effective from 1 June 2021

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